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HRIS Spectator / Parent Code of Conduct

1. Condemn all violent or illegal acts whether they are by players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators and respect good play on either team.  Be courteous regardless of win, lose or draw.


2. Respect the official’s decision regardless of their own opinion and encourage players to participate as good sports. 


3. Do not become involved in acts of foul play such as bad language, harassment or aggressive behaviour as such behaviour is unsportsmanlike and will not be tolerated both on and off the field.


4. Encourage all players’ efforts to play by the rules and to live up to the highest ideals of ethics and sportsmanship and encourage players to have a common respect for each other regardless of which team.


5. Do not engage in disrespectful conduct including profanity, sledging, obscene gestures, offensive remarks, trash-talking, taunting or other actions that are demeaning to the players, students or attending staff.


6. Participate in positive cheering that encourages all players; do not engage in cheering that taunts or intimidates players, students or attending staff.


7. At all times follow the directions of the host school’s staff in charge of the games.


8. Do not arrive at the venue under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.


9. Recognise the school’s coaches, referees and other volunteers give up their time to provide assistance. Treat them with the utmost respect.


10. Remember the players on both teams participate for their own enjoyment and not that of the spectators.


11. Inappropriate actions that affect performance of athletes either giving advantage to one or disadvantaging others will potentially cause the child to be disqualified.  For example pacing a child in cross country.


Penalties are in place for contravening the above rules.  In the first instance the behaviour will be reported to the host team’s officials and notes made.  Should the inappropriate behaviour continue the offender will be asked to immediately leave the venue.  The convenor will contact the Police if the instruction to leave is not heeded.  The bad behaviour will be reported to the relevant hosting school and to the other teams’ schools.  Barring of the individual or individuals involved to future fixtures will be considered.

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